Colour: Honey (comes in variations from darker to lighter honey)
Material: Horn

Please note that these are handcarved items, made from natural materials. No two rings will ever be the same, each one has it's own beauty and characteristics. The colour varies from ring to ring, as does the contrast and shading, and the shape has minimal variations too. They will never have the regularity of machine made items, or man made materials.

some possible variations

The honey rings adapt their appearance, much like a chameleon, to different backgrounds and lights, below the same set of rings photographed at different times of the day...

.. and on contrasting backdrops

The color families identify the colors as accurately as possible. The differences between some color families are just nuances, allowing you to choose between a darker or a lighter shade of a particular color. The families overlap, for instance the darkest light honey can be very similar to the lightest regular honey and so on.


  1. Another wonderfull scarf ring this time Honey, perfect lady with wonderfull ideas for us to share, packaging perfection and arrived so fast,
    many thanks Jane

  2. I received the scarfrings I ordered in black, honey and caramel the other day. The packaging and the scarfrings are so beautiful! They are much lighter than my other scarfrings and so fun to play with. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can use my scarves with my new little treasures.

    Tack tack

    Kiitos :)

  3. I love your website, your style and the easy way you communicate various tips and techniques for achieving the utmost glamour in the art of wearing scarfs. It seems your style is my style. I love classic basics brought to life with the addition of an Hermes scarf. Im a textile junkie and there is just no better textile made! I love, love, love the scarfs and only wish to find ways to wear them more often -- which is exactly what you help me do! I have been stalking your website -- when I have a spare moment to spend with my "dear friend" -- who has unlimited patience to teach me the details of various knots. Who knew half of them? You are a treasure! Today I finally made an order of a variety of scarf rings I trust will work much better for me than the ones I have from Hermes which are generally (and ironically) too clunky, heavy and not weighted properly for their job. Yours look like they must be the real deal in terms of materials and design. Will let you know when they arrive here in the U.S. and I have a chance to play with them all. Meantime, many thanks for a really informative and lovely site.