Regular Mother of Pearl

Material: Mother of Pearl

The regular Mother of Pearl scarf rings are reversible, and come in a wide range of colors. The darker side can shimmer in charcoal or silver, mixed in with gold, amber, beige, white, mocca, green, grey or silver, often in high contrast. The reverse side is much lighter, ranging from light to dark silver, sometimes with charcoal, dark silver, amber or green parts.

The backside can be textured or flat, ranging from light to dark silver, and can have charcoal, amber or green iridecent parts

Important - please read:
Like all scarf rings in my collection, the Mother of Pearl rings are carefully handcrafted, and have completely smooth and round edges, making it safe to slide your scarves through. However, due to the hard to manipulate nature of MoP, the shape of these rings can show various degrees of irregularity and might even be slightly bent or warped (same as the dark Mother of Pearl, please click here to see examples ). The surface of the lighter side is often textured/uneven (please see photos below). As soon as a scarf is pulled through, these rings are sheer magic though, which is why I am keeping them in the collection. I understand that not everyone might appreciate the surprises the Mother of Pearl rings come with. If you are looking for a more uniform outcome, the horn, bone or wood rings would be a better option. Please note also that MoP is a fragile material. If dropped from a height onto a hard surface, the impact might cause it to chip or break.
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  1. Mai Tai, I so love your blog posts and have been following you for over a year. I just purchased Flamingo Party Ref: H002898S 03 (90 Carrés) and would like to purchase one of your classique grande scarf rings. Would you recommend the natural or dark mother of pearl, or is there a better choice for a scarf ring. I want to showcase all the rich colors in the scarf. Thank you for your help! Mollie

    1. Dear Mollie,
      Many thanks for the lovely and kind note, I'm so happy you enjoy my blog.
      Thank you also for your interest in the scarf rings. For your beautiful FP scarf, you could use a number of different scarf ring colors. The dark MoP would be a lovely choice, and I'd make sure to select one that has a greenish shimmer with some purple. Alternatively, a lacquered Bordeaux, Bleu Marine or Vert Sapin would work too. Whichever one you like best will be perfect!
      Best, MT

    2. Thank you for your response and suggestions. I just placed an order for two scarf rings ... dark MoP and light MoP (for another scarf). I'm looking forward to wearing each of them! Thank you again, Mollie

    3. Many thanks for your order, dear Mollie. Hope you'll have much fun and enjoyment with your scarf rings!

    4. My beautiful scarf rings arrived, packaging was lovely, and they work with my scarves! Thank you, Mollie