Moyenne size ~ with a 70 Carré

How to use the Moyenne scarf ring with medium sized scarves (70 x 70m)

Criss-cross knot, worn close to the neck. Click here for a how-to

as above, one end left shorter

as above

Criss-cross bow knot. Click here for a how-to

as above

Basic slide. Click here for a how-to (wrap your scarf once around the neck before securing the ends)

In a Twist-wrap. Click here for a how-to
..with a puffed out bow

bow puffed out further and worn off center..

flattened bow..

and a square knot (loose and close to neck)

Twist wrap in action

Asymmetrical wrap, please click here for a how-to

Variations in draping

Waterfall knot - click here for a how-to

Snowball knot. For a how-to, click here

Simple loop. Click here for a how-to


  1. Wow--you have no idea how long I've been looking for a site like this! Thank you for posting your video clips for scarf tying techniques. Until now, I've had very little success in using the horn to go with my Hermes scarf collection, and thanks to your tutorials, I am very excited to give the horn a go again. Also, thanks to the fabulous Hermes sales lady in Mclean/Tyson's Corner, VA, USA, who recommended that I check out your website--she was absolutely right: You have a fabulously terrific site.

  2. Dear Sassy, I only discovered your lovely comment now! So sorry for not having answered you in time. Very happy you found inspiration here, and hope you are having fun with all the knots. Best wishes, MT