Petite size ~ with a 70 Carré

How to use the Petite scarf ring with medium sized scarves (70 x 70m)

#1 - Fold your scarf into a triangle, and place around your neck like a bib. Cross ends behind your neck, bring them forward and secure with the basic slide technique.

#2 - In a low criss-cross knot. Click here for a how-to

#3 - Asymmetrical wrap, please click here for a how-to

#4 - Cowboy knot variation

#5 - Collier knot, click here for a how-to

with a tighter middle knot


  1. Love this!! With one of my favourite 70s no less =)

  2. Thank you, my dear Chaine et Gourmettes twin. Hugs x

  3. Oh you know how I love the 70 cms! These are fantastic!

  4. Yes I do know how much you love the 70 Carrés, dear Sheila! Happy you like the rings, thank you dear <3