Shawl rings with 90 Carrés

With a shawl ring, 90 Carrés can be worn in a loose and soft style, the effect is more like draping than knotting. The key is to fold the scarf into a wide and loose basic bias fold

ends secured with the basic slide method

As above, only twisting the folded scarf before securing the ends, and leaving one end longer

Below: fold your scarf into the basic bias, and feed ends through a shawl ring, both coming from the same direction

Scarf folded into a rectangle, ends secured with a basic slide knot. Please click here for a how-to (note: the video shows the basic slide with a scarf folded in the basic bias, but the method is the same with as with a rectangular fold. Dont wrap your scarf around the neck first, but let the ends hang down your front)

as above, only with the ends tied in the basic slide

Below: the scarf is folded into a rectangle with the ends secured in the basic slide.