How to tie an Hermès scarf into a necklace

In the previous post I was looking for a scarf to go with my blue/white/gold/turquoise outfit:

None of my silks seemed to match.. until I discovered a perfect slice (highlighed in green below) within my predominantly brown 'Le Laboratoire du Temps' 90 Carré.

Finding a way to tie the scarf with just the rectangle showing was a fun challenge, and resulted in a summery and breezy scarf necklace.


Fold your scarf into a rectangle, so that the part who wish to highlight is facing you

Slide an Anneau Infinity scarf ring (or any large enough round and smooth ring) into the center of your scarf

Slide two more rings either side. The rings will hold the scarf firmly in place, and prevent the scarf from twisting and turning, or the backside from showing

Tie the ends together with a shawl ring in the basic slide, leaving the ends as short as possible (a double not does not work well here as the ends are short and bulky). If your silk is vintage and very soft, you could try a Grande scarf ring insted of a shawl ring.

Puff out the silk between the rings (or straighten it out for a sleeker look), and fan out the ends (resulting in a back view as shown below)

Back view

Shawl ring in sunshine honey


This method can be applied to any part of a scarf, horizontally and vertically.

It is not only a wonderful way to bring out favorite aspects of a design, but also allows to showcase those parts which get usually folded away.

'La Presentation de Chevaux'

highlighting my favorite row of horses

'Carré en Carré'

turned into a red scarf necklace..

Anneau Infinity scarf rings in rosewood

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