Basic bias fold

Place your scarf on a flat surface, face down, and follow the video instructions below:

Print version:

You can vary the width of the strip by adding or removing a fold. Below an example for a narrower strip (folding both sides towards the middle for a second time, starting from picture six)

Fold one end over..

and then the other.

fold one side over to exactly the middle

repeat the same with the other side.

Do the same thing again, fold one side to the middle

and repeat with the other side.

now fold one side on to the other. It leaves you with a narrow strip..


  1. It's a little bit difficult with the thick silk they use now but I will try !

    1. Dear Monica, this fold works with all square scarves, regardless of their size, material or weight. Good luck!

  2. Another thing, it's also difficult to read the words to write !

    1. It says that you can wear the scarf in the basic bias fold as it is, or use it as a starting point for a number of different knots.