Basic slide

Fold your scarf in the basic bias fold and place around your neck with the ends hanging down your front. Then proceed as shown in the video below

(If the video does not show, please click here to see it on my YouTube channel)


  1. Would it be possible to do a tutorial with a 90 carre and a grande scarf ring with it twice around the neck? thanks.

  2. A 90 carré is not ideal for wearing it twice around the neck (I'd recommend a 140 carre for this), as you end up with short ends with very little volume. The grande scarf ring would have nothing to hold onto, but you could try and secure the ends in the basic slide with a petite size.

  3. Hello MaiTai,
    I'm enjoying my new petit black horn ring (thank you) and trying to figure out how to use it in a basic slide knot with my twilly, but the video on this page is missing. Is there a URL you'd be able to supply?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hello Kerry, happy to hear you are pleased with your scarf ring! Sorry the video didn't show, I've included a link to my YouTube channel into the above post. Have fun knotting!

    2. Thank you, that's very helpful. Take care!

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