Waterfall knot

Fold your scarf into a triangle, and proceed as shown in the video below:

(if the video doesn't show, please click here to see it on YouTube

More detailed instructions for the last step, with a 90 silk twill carré:

(if the video below doesn't show, please click here to see it on YouTube)

More detailed instructions for the first step (how to fold the scarf and where to place it)

Scarf ring sizing info:
Moyenne ring ~ perfect for 70 Carrés and PM Mousses
Grande ring ~ perfect for 90 Carrés, Plissés and GM Mousses

With different scarf types and sizes:


  1. Dear Mai Tai,
    I have enjoyed learning from your wonderful tutorials and have mastered many of the knots with the aid of your excellent scarf rings: one in particular escapes my command. The waterfall knot I have tried and tried, yet still not been successful.

    I don't have a mousseline, rather a 90cm carre which you have a picture of rather than a video, and am unsure where to pick up the third 'pleat' to thread through the two already secured by a scarf ring. I have tried lots of different places on the silk, but it's definitely not a waterfall effect I end up with!

    Are you able to advise how to pick up the silk for this third loop?

    Best wishes from a would-be waterfall knotter x

  2. Dear Catharine, for the third pleat, think of the three sides of the triangle you started with. The long (closed) side is where you have to pinch the silk, just below the center. When you pull it through the loop, try twisting the pinched silk a bit, it will help to create more 'ripples'.Hope this helps, wishing you the best of luck!

  3. Dear Mai Tai
    I can't find/see the tutorial video for waterfall knot...