Anneau Infini - Rosewood

The Anneau Infini scarf ring has simple, clean and modern lines, and completely soft and smooth surfaces.

They are hand crafted by skilled artisans, and polished to a soft sheen. No two rosewood rings are the same. They vary from light to dark rosewood, and have constrasting stripes, swirls and wood marks.

The knotting techniques are easy and quick, and the resulting knots sleek, simple and chic. Please refer to the right hand side bar for detailled how-to's and explanations.

 further possible color variations

The Anneau Infini scarf ring works with 90 and 70 carrés, as well as with PM Mousses, 90 Dip Dyes,  70 Cotton Carrés and 90 Jersey scarves.

The Anneau Infini comes in a velvet drawstring pouch and ribboned gift box

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