Grande Classique scarf ring with a Maxi Twilly

Look #1  'Looped basic slide'

Fold your Maxi Twilly in half, slide a Grande scarf ring into the center, and place around your neck

Secure the ends in the basic slide

As above, you can decide how close or far from the neck you want to wear the scarf

Look #2 - Loop the Maxi Twilly once around your neck, and secure the ends in a criss-cross knot. You can vary this look by wearing the scarf ring closer or further away from your neck.

Look #3 - Wrap your Maxi Twilly three times around your neck and secure the ends in the basic slide

Look #4 - Fold your Maxi Twilly into a narrow strip, and place it around your neck. Then proceed with a  Twist Wrap knot

You can vary the size, position and shape of the bow by pulling the bow out further or less, and by sliding the scarf further away or closer to your neck.