Scarf rings are one of my most cherished accessories, as they add fantastic mileage to scarves, and open up so many different and interesting ways to wear them. They are easy to use and fun to play with, while giving any outfit a perfect and stylish finishing touch, and holding your scarves securely in place.

Each piece of my scarf ring collection is made of 100% natural materials, such as horn, bone, ebony, rosewood and Mother of Pearl. The horn and bone comes from the domestic water buffalo. All rings are handcrafted by highly skilled traditional artisans and finished off carefully with completely smooth surfaces, round edges and a high polish. They come in three different models:

The Classique: these allow for a huge variety of knots. From neat and sleek to easy and relaxed, and all the way to elaborate and stunning statement knots. They come in three different sizes (Petite, Moyenne and Grande), accomodating all scarf formats from a Twilly to a 90 Silk Twill Carré.

The Anneau Infinity: these have clean and modern lines, and are quick and easy to use. The resulting knots are sleek, simple and chic. The Anneau Infini works with all scarf formats from a 70 Carré upwards.

The Shawl ring: the shawl rings work on the same principle as the Classique scarf rings, but were designed to accommodate larger scarf formats ~ GMs (140x140). They work beautifully with the classic 90 Carré format too, resulting in looser (more relaxed) versions of the 'Classique' knots, with softer drapes and folds.

How to wear
While experimenting with classic techniques, I have come up with a few new knots, the 'Criss cross', 'Criss cross bow', 'Snowball', 'Twilly Wrap', Collier, Drape and many more, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. For how-to videos on classic and new techniques, and more ideas on how to wear the rings, please click on the links in the right side bar. Have fun rediscovering your scarf drawer!

For more information on materials, colors and sizes, please check the relevant links in the right side bar.

Please note that these are handcarved items, made from natural materials. No two rings will ever be the same, each one has it's own beauty and characteristics. The colour varies from ring to ring, as does the contrast and shading, and the shape has minimal variations too. This is what makes them special, and they will never have the regularity of machine made items, or man made materials.