Grande size with a Mousseline GM (or Pareo)

#1 - in a Pareo criss-cross knot, please click here for a how-to

#2 - In a drape knot: this knot mimimizes skin contact in warm weather, and holds your scarf securely in place.. regardless of your movements

Fold the scarf in the basic bias fold and secure it the drape knot method (ends left hanging down) to your top's shoulder straps

Scarf rings: 2x Grande


  1. Also, when folded in basic bias fold, it's approximately the size of a maxi twilly. The knots you present for the maxi twilly can be done with a GM mousseline and a grande scarf ring. It's more versatile than we thought ;)


    1. Dear Melora, You are absolutely right! It crossed my mind too when experimenting with the Maxi Twilly ;-) Looking forward to spring and summer, and to GM mousse playtime!